Como protegerte del proximo ciberataque

  Un ciberataque masivo cobró más de 200,000 víctimas en al menos 150 países en los últimos días, y los oficiales dicen que la situación seguramente va a empeorar. El ransomware WannaCry – llamado así porque básicamente retiene a tu computadora u ordenador como rehén hasta que se haga un pago para desbloquearse – el […]

How to Password Protect a Vim File in Linux

Vim is a popular, feature-rich and highly-extensible text editor for Linux, and one of its special features is support for encrypting text files using various crypto methods with a password. In this article, we will explain to you one of the simple Vim usage tricks; password protecting a file using Vim in Linux. We will […]

How to add version control for your Linux /etc directory

When you think of the Linux /etc directory, one thing comes to mind: configuration. There’s a good reason for that; most of your system configuration files are held in this crucial directory. In fact, nearly everything but your user configurations are housed within /etc, so the importance of this directory cannot be overstated. That is […]

How to Install MariaDB 10 on Debian and Ubuntu

If you’re here it means you have probably heard of MariaDB, which is a free and open source fork of the popular MySQL database management server software. It is developed under the GPLv2 (General Public License version 2) by the original developers of MySQL and is intended to remain open source. It has proven to achieve high compatibility with […]

How to configure an L2TP connection on Mac OS X (10.5+)

Open the Network Control Panel First, open the System Preferences by going to the Apple menu and choosing “System Preferences”. Or choose “System Preferences” from the Dock. Next, click on the ‘Network’ system preference. Make a new connection In the ‘Network’ system preference there is a list of network connections on the left side. Click […]

How to configure PPP VPN client on Mac OS

Let’s work on configuring your Mac OS device to connect to a VPN server, so that you can browse that content anonymously. 1. Go to system preferences and click on Network 2. Click no the + button under the network connections pane 3. From the drop down menu select VPN then under VPN type select […]

How to check that your Debian installation is secure after an update.

After the heartbleed bug that made everyone upgrade their OpenSSL installations in fear of hackers getting access to login information I noticed that more and more comments with questions like “Did you restart the service after you patched it?”. Even if running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on a regular basis some services actually DO need to […]

Top 6 RaspberryPI operating systems

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video. I personally use it as a backup server (pulls data from several locations using rsnapshot and backs […]

Linux based web tools that sysadmins can use

Web tools are those that work on your browser and don’t need to be downloaded on to the system. They are usually easy-to-use and fast to work with. In addition, they also save a lot of your computer’s resources, which makes them even more useful. So, here are some tools that suit the profile and […]

Top 8 MySQL GUI Tools

MySQL is perhaps one of the most popular databases for development . The fact that it offers tremendous scalability and flexibility in web applications means maximum open source applications use MySQL database today. Here is a list of the top 8 GUI tools you can use with MySQL: 1.MyDB Studio MyDB Studio is a complete collection […]