Linux based web tools that sysadmins can use

Web tools are those that work on your browser and don’t need to be downloaded on to the system. They are usually easy-to-use and fast to work with. In addition, they also save a lot of your computer’s resources, which makes them even more useful. So, here are some tools that suit the profile and help the administrators.

1. FOG

FOG is a Linux-based, free and open source computer imaging solution for Windows XP, Vista and 7 that ties together a few open-source tools with a PHP-based web interface. It doesn’t use any boot disks, or CDs and everything is done via TFTP and PXE. Also many drivers are built into the kernel, so you don’t really need to worry about drivers (unless there isn’t a linux kernel driver for it).

2. adamoto

This is an application deployment and monitoring tool. It is a client/server based application for deploying software packages with a web front-end. It allows you to,

– Define packages for deployment.
– Define where a package should be installed.
– Monitor the status of each package.
– Monitor the status for each computer.

3. ApacheConf

ApacheConf is the shell for configuring Apache web servers, which represents all the information that is obtained from the httpd.conf file, from the included files, from the log files, .htaccess, .htpasswd and .htgroup in the structured view.

4. CA Web Helper

This is a web application that has been written in PHP and Perl in order to mantain local Certificate Authority based on OpenSSL. It gives you the ability to view issued certificates, issue new certificates, revoke compromised certificates.

5. cgipaf

This is a web interface, which allows Linux users to change their Password, Autoreply and mail Forwarding. You can do it on the web and don’t need to download an application for it.

6. ChangePassword

ChangePassword modifies the passwords of passwd, Samba, and Squid through the internet. All passwords are synchronised and changed in real time through browsers like Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, and some other browsers.

7. Clan Admin

This is a Perl CGI script that is used to administer a clan website. It easily takes care of news, active rosters, link managers, scheduled matches, match records, personal bio pages etc. It is template based and works on a number of existing designs.

8. Clipperz Community Edition

This is a web-based password manager that ensures that only you can read your data. This is because of local encryption within the browser. It also allows you to login to website quickly and much more easily.

9. ClusterControl

ClusterControl is a web-interface to simplify the distributing and monitoring of bioinformatics applications on Linux-based cluster systems. The software is based on a modular concept that enables integration of command-line oriented programs into the application framework of ClusterControl.